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Nik Shriner booth.jpeg

Home Studio

 Booth Specs 

Mac Book Pro

Source Connect Standard

Professional Isolated and treated studio

Audio Technica 3035 mic w/ pop filter

Focusrite Scarlett Solo pre-amp

Twisted Wave, Audacity, pro tools

Separate monitor and ipad in booth for copy, picture and or video conference

High speed internet direct via ethernet cable


What people say

Dawn Mjoen | Casting Director 

Nik Shriner is the consummate VO Actor, he brings his talent, but more importantly a positive creative outlook and willingness to adapt to the direction given to his reads.   Working with Nik is having a co-worker who delves into not just the initial breakdown but finds the backstory and finesse of the role that gives depth that draws in the listener and entertains whether it is a VO, Animation or Gaming genre.  


Commercial work moves fast once the budget is approved, Nik read a role and the creatives wanted him to try a different direction and the agent said Nik was on set and didn’t know if he was available yet, literally 10 minutes later, received notice Nik was on a break and ready to read.  I called Nik and we worked on what the client said they wanted and we expanded a variation of that read so that they heard 4 reads and Nik booked the job and is on their must hear on all roles he is applicable for going on 3 years running. 

Cooper Olsen  SVP| Creative Director at BBDO Worldwide

I've never been more sure I hired the right actor for the job!  When I think of Nik Shriner, I think of enthusiasm in human form.

John Howell |  best therapist ever.

You are the man, surfing the waves of life!

Alexandra | patient and loving girlfriend

You're really talented sweetheart, I tell you that all the time.

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